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25.09.2018 - News

Our new DFID programme supporting children affected by child labour

In a speech at the UN General Assembly, the UK Department for International Development (DFID) Secretary of State Penny Mordaunt has announced a range of new initiatives which will improve understanding of the factors that drive modern slavery and the worst forms of child labour, with Terre des hommes proud to be involved in this important work.

The programme “Tackling the drivers of modern slavery and child labour: A child centred approach” will be funded by DFID, with Terre des hommes working with partners across the sector to identify ways we can increase children’s options to avoid engagement in hazardous, exploitative labour.

Our partners on this programme will be the Institute of Development Studies (IDS), ChildHope (CH); Consortium for Street Children (CSC); the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI); and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM).

The programme will focus its work around three target countries – Bangladesh, Myanmar and Nepal, with four key components:

  1. Innovations in targeted social protection.
  2. Supporting positive family dynamics and social norms.
  3. Revealing and reducing harm in supply chains
  4. Building children’s agency and child-led coalitions.

Terre des hommes UK’s CEO, Tricia Young said:

“We are excited to be working on this programme, which will key a key aspect of our work protecting children at risk of or affected by child labour. By strengthening protection systems for child labourers and supporting their rights and participation, we believe we will sustainably improve the lives of many children across Asia.”

To read more about our work supporting children affected by child labour, please see –


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