The pandemic threatens vulnerable families.

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Albania has seen considerable positive changes in child protection in the last years. However, too many children are still exposed to the risks of migration, trafficking and abuse or in contact and conflict with the law. Our aim is to ensure that they are effectively protected and their rights are respected. To achieve this, we work in close partnership with government institutions and communities.

What we do

Child protection

Albania is still struggling with providing quality child protection and prevention services and effective local level responses. To better identify and support child victims of abuse and violence, we promote policy and service improvement, and strengthen the child protection system. We offer trainings for professionals and support the efforts of local organisations around child protection issues through grants. Affected children receive direct access to services, take part in psychosocial activities and get counselling. They can go to afterschool classes where they learn about their rights, while parents attend positive parenting courses. We also advocate for better integration of child protection policies and strategies into the existing legal framework.

Children and youth in migration

During the past decades, Albania has experienced different massive emigration waves. Families and children who migrate sometimes run great risks, whether along the way, at their destination or upon returning to Albania. Severe economic hardship or violations of their rights are some of the main reasons why vulnerable people emigrate. To improve this situation, we help parents set up an income-generating activity, encourage children to attend school or after-school activities and offer youth vocational training. In addition, our experts contribute to the improvement the regulatory framework and the services for children on the move and strengthen cross-border cooperation in the Balkans to prevent trafficking.

Juvenile Justice

Cases of children involved in violent extremism and/or in conflict with the law in Albania are mainly caused by difficult socio-economic conditions, lack of education opportunities, and social exclusion. To counter this phenomenon, we are building youth resilience through an innovative approach at community level. We train youth activists, local organisations and authorities on conflict resolution and leadership, offer them grants to support grass-root initiatives empowering youth, and support youth in becoming agents of change. We strengthen the child protection system for children in conflict with the law by supporting the authorities to develop or amend and implement legal provisions, policy papers and working protocols.

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